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Buna Fighters by itifonhom Buna Fighters by itifonhom
   The Battle of Buna–Gona was part of the New Guinea campaign in the Pacific campaign of World War II. On 16 November 1942, Australian and United States forces attacked the main Japanese beachheads in New Guinea, at Buna, Sanananda and Gona. When the Japanese forces were within sight of Port Moresby, the Japanese leadership decided holding Guadalcanal was a higher priority, and they ordered their New Guinea forces to withdraw northeastward to the coast. Since arriving on the north coast in June, the Japanese had built hundreds of well-camouflaged, reinforced bunkers in mutually supporting positions blocking all available approaches. Combined with the forces who had returned from the Kokoda Track, the Japanese initially had nearly 5,500 seasoned troops on the northern coast. This rose to about 6,500 later in the battle. Both the Japanese and Allied forces were riddled by disease and lacked the most basic supplies, including medicine and food. Some U.S. troops were reduced to a small portion of a C ration each day.
   In this image we see V-190 and Q-102 patrolling over Buna coast. The two aircraft won´t operate together for very long, V-109 will get damaged on a landing and Q-102 will get damaged in a dogfight with Airacobras on August 27, 1942. Due to lack of repair facilities, they will both get grounded and left camouflaged on the side of the airfield, just to get further damaged during Allied air attacks later.
   Both aircraft got captured at Buna airfield on December 27, 1942 and transported to Brisbane, arriving February 19, 1943. Parts from both of them were used to build a flyable A5M3 Hamp, so somehow these two aircraft served under the Allies too!
  Textures by me, model by motokamishii, C4D and Photoshop.
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Rabairu kaigun kokutaiJapan Flag 
Japanese Rabaul air corps:flagjp: 
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